Toadleap is a dark tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes.

Toadkit is born to Tinypelt and Mosspuddle. He is first seen in ThunderClan territory when his half siblings 'accidentally' lost him and his siblings after an adventure. They are found in ThunderClan territory.

He is next seen walking around the territory with Emeraldheart, Silvercloud guesses he must be an apprentice. At the gathering he is announced an apprentice along with his littermates. Later on he is seen being announced warrior with his littermates. He's being followed around by Minnowstream, a pretty RiverClan she cat. He also points out that Nightcloud looks envious, he soon realises he has a crush on her. Soon later Toadleap realises he has a crush on her too.

A few moons later he sees Nightcloud asking Minnowstream if she wanted to go hunting. Minnowstream refused, glancing at him. Nightcloud gets angry and leaps at her and pins her down saying that Toadleap isn't anything and she shouldn't love him and that he stole all his happiness and that he shouldn't have to be happy. Twisted by the pain in her eyes, Toadleap attacked him.

A while later they become mates, now Minnowstream is expecting his kits. Nightcloud, now more envious then ever, swore to protect the kits, but would never help them if they where in trouble.