Tinypelt is a black tom with white patches and green eyes

Tinykit is born to Mistyear and Sootyfoot with Moppkit and Harpkit. Not that they know, but Tinykit is part of a prophecy. 'One cat from each clan will protect the ones in need into the unknown.' As Whitetail tells them. He got apprenticed to Ravenflight only to find him staying in RiverClan to be with Fernwhisker after the badger attack. No ceremony is mentioned in the book but he soon gets Goldenpelt as a mentor. Goldenpelt notices Tinypaw's quick feet but is hushed by StarClan to keep quiet. After Ravenflight comes back from RiverClan and takes back Tinypaw's duty's only to be quickly killed by Mossfur.

When Tinypelt got noticed by his quick running and smart choices. He inherited his fathers kind and thoughtful nature and his mothers' quick battle skills. When Featherstorm tells him he's part of a prophecy. Tinypelt refuses saying he has no powers. He can just run fast.

When ThunderClan and RiverClan have a border battle, he meets quick and determined Mosspuddle. In ThunderClan, after the battle the cats and the battle start gossiping about Sunblaze and the pretty RiverClan she cat. Sunblaze did think about it, Tinypelt knew it, but it was he that stole her heart. Night after night he saw her by the river. But Mosspuddle was determined to keep her loyalty to RiverClan. Tinypelt understood, but was hurt when he found out Mosspuddle had Pondfeather's kits. When Cherrykit, Nightkit and Blossomkit get washed up on ThunderClan territory Tinypelt it first to help.

A few moons later Tinypelt decides to move to RiverClan. Mosspuddle and him become mates, and soon after their first litter are born. Berrykit, Riverkit, Toadkit and Pepperkit.

When Mosspuddle and Tinypelt go to the gathering with their kits, Streamstar announces their kits are now apprentices. When Greyheart asks who their mentors are Tinypelt replies. "Oakfur for Riverpaw, Emeraldheart for Toadpaw, Rowancloud for Berrypaw and Mudsplash for Pepperpaw.