Riverclaw is a Silver tabby tom with green eyes

Riverkit is born to Tinypelt and Mosspuddle.He is first seen in ThunderClan territory after his half siblings 'accidentally' lost him and his littermates. He is rescued by a ThunderClan patrol. After, Leafstar asks why they sneaked out of camp. Riverkit explained that Cherrynight, Blossomflower and Nightcloud told them to. But lost them.

At the gathering Leafstar announces that Riverpaw and his littermates are apprentices. At the next gathering Flamestar sees that the four apprentices are now warriors, and cheers loudly for his friends kits. When the battle between the clans strike, a ShadowClan warrior attacks a white RiverClan she cat. Riverclaw immediately goes to her side and stays with her until she's been taken care of. He is also seen beating the same ShadowClan warrior.