Mosspuddle is a dark tortoiseshell she cat with blue eyes a white underbelly, chest and paws.

Mosspuddle is the daughter of Snowtail and Mudsplash with her brother Gorsewave. She appears in season three book two fighting a ThunderClan patrol after being accused for trespassing. She was said to be a good match for Sunblaze, he considered it but instead someone else took his heart. It was Tinypelt that she loved and it was Mosspuddle that Tinypelt loved. They meet up in secret by sunningrocks. In the end she tells him she can't meet in secret anymore. Instead she becomes mates with Pondfeather and has his three kits, Cherrykit (Black and orange tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes), Blossomkit (Light grey she cat with darker flecks and blue eyes) and Nightkit (White tom with black patches and light blue eyes). In the last book of season four she is seen telling Pondfeather she loved Tinypelt. A few moons later Mosspuddle expects Tinypelt's kits! When Tinypelt joins RiverClan the clan is unsure about him but when Tinypelt saves Snowtail from a vicious fox the clan worships him and thanks him for saving Snowtail's life. After Cherrypaw, Blossompaw and Nightpaw become Cherrynight, Blossomflower and Nightcloud Mosspuddle goes back into the nursery with Tinypelt's unborn kits. When born she names them: Berrykit (Black she cat with white paws, underbelly, chest, jaw and tipped tail and blue eyes), Toadkit (Dark tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes, white underbelly, chest and paws), Pepperkit (Black tom with white flecks and hazel eyes) and Silverkit (Silver tabby tom with green eyes).

When Mosspuddle and Tinypelt go to the gathering with their kits, Streamstar announces their kits are now apprentices. When Greyheart asks who their mentors are Tinypelt replies. "Oakfur for Riverpaw, Emeraldheart for Toadpaw, Rowancloud for Berrypaw and Mudsplash for Pepperpaw.