Firestar is a deep ginger tom with green eyes

Rusty, a curious kittypet was born to Nutty and Julian in Nutty's twoleg place. When Rusty finds his way into ThunderClan territory he meets Bluestar, Whitecloud, Lionstorm, Greypaw and Moonpaw. He falls in love with Moonpaw and joins the clan getting the name Firepaw. He becomes friends with Ravenpaw and Greypaw and try's to get Moonpaw's attention. When they fight DeathClan with Morningpaw, Ravenpaw and Greypaw they train hard and earn their warrior names Morningstripe, Ravenflight, Greyheart, Moonfur and Fireblaze.

When Whitetail gets killed by a badger Fireblaze becomes the new deputy. He treats the clan well and when Morningstripe has the new Fountailntail's kits: Lillykit (Golden tabby she cat with green eyes), Rainkit (Grey she cat with blue eyes) & Lionkit (Golden tabby tom with green eyes), Morningstripe mentioned that Moonfur should have kits (Thinking that she should have Fireblaze's kits since he loved her). Moonfur declined saying that she wasn't even looking for a mate. Heartbroken Fireblaze turned to Ferntail since she already had a crush on him. He tried to make Moonfur jealous by doing everything with Ferntail. When she showed nothing but her stubborn side Fireblaze started making hunting patrols with Moonfur and him. When Moonfur agreed to be just friends he agreed almost immediately. But he realised that she wasn't around much and she was always tired in the mornings. He found out that Tigerpelt and her where meeting secretly together and was surprised that they agreed to never see each other again. Moonfur and Fireblaze became closer than ever making Ferntail jealous. When Bluestar dies on the side of a river she tells Moonfur, Mistyfur and Thunderfoot that they where littermates and that their sister Briarkit died in the snow. Shocked that her mother died and that she had littermates Moonfur stayed in her den not even coming out to celebrate Firestar's leadership.

When she has her first litter of kits: Flamekit, Duskkit and Silverkit he is overjoyed. He try's to love each kit equally but he couldn't help but feel more of a connection with his son, Flamekit. He visited the nursery whenever he could, and when it was time for them to become apprentices. He had to mentor Flamepaw. When the time was right he asked Moonfur what she would want their kits names to be. In the end she chose Duskcloud, Silvercloud and Flamepelt.