Berryfern is a tortoiseshell she cat with blue eyes


Berrykit is born to Tinypelt and Mosspuddle, she is first seen when Silvercloud visited RiverClan, but is quickly called back in the nursery by her mother. She is next seen in ThunderClan territory when her half siblings 'accidently' loses them after sneaking them out of camp. Berrykit and her littermates get rescued by a ThunderClan patrol with Redfur, Flamepelt and Silvercloud.

At the next gathering Leafstar announces that Berrypaw and her littermates are apprentices and that she is sorry that they have three ill tempered warriors, whilst shooting a sorry glance at ThunderClan. Berrypaw and Robinpaw, a ThunderClan apprentice are overheard by Silvercloud, that Pepperpaw is growing close to another RiverClan apprentice.

She soon starts hanging out with Minnowstream and Nettlebreeze after getting her warrior name, Berryfern. She soon is noticed not hanging around camp often, but hunting with Nettlebreeze. The even once went to the waterfall and brought back herbs. When Berryfern became sick with Greencough, her littermates always found Nettlebreeze with her. He became sick with Whitecough but still never left her side. They spend every living moment together, but whenever their apart, they always find each other. When they got better he asked her to be his mate. Berryfern agreed. Her brothers where hesitant but soon after Toadleap became mates with Minnowstream soon after she got attacked by Nightcloud.

A while after Berryfern expects Nettlebreeze's kits, she moves in the nursery with Minnowstream who's heavily pregnant with Toadleap's kits.